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Set Expectations When Placing a Caller On Hold

Now that you have an effective on hold message, there is one more detail to

keep in mind. The best on hold message in the world will not help you if the

customer doesn’t feel respected.

How many times have you called a busy office only to be immediately

asked “Do you mind holding?” Often times you find yourself on hold before

you can even answer.

Always make sure your employees answer the phone with a courteous

standard greeting. People want to feel appreciated. Give the caller a time

frame when asking to place them on hold. For example, “Is it ok if I place

you on hold for 2-3 minutes while I research this for you?” If it’s going to

take longer, come back on the line and reset the expectation.

Giving callers a time frame reduces anxiety because they know how long to

expect to wait before someone picks up the phone again. Otherwise, the

caller is left hanging only to wonder if they have been forgotten. A happy

caller will feel relaxed and pay more attention to your on hold message

instead of the clock. B9QVMASKDBU4

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