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What was your best customer service experience?

I’m always amazed when I have a good customer service experience. In fact, I finally stopped taking it personally when the cashier at the checkout counter wouldn’t say hello, or when the customer service representative seemed glad to get me off the phone.

It almost seems like some businesses are comfortable with spending millions of dollars on marketing, only to throw it all away at the crucial moment of the sale. So when I recently came across some good old-fashioned service, it really blew me away.

The other day I stopped into Trader Joe’s to pick up a few groceries. When I approached the checkout, I noticed a couple of cashiers eagerly trying to flag me down. You would have thought they worked on commission.

While the cashier rang me up, she actually struck up a conversation and went out of her way to make me feel welcome. As I was leaving, I noticed the other customers were having a similar experience. Needless to say, I have found my new place to buy groceries.

Help me find more experiences like this. What other businesses out there are doing things right?

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