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Why On Hold Messages are Important for Service Businesses

For those businesses that work with customers directly, whether it’s a doctor’s office or a hotel, it’s important to communicate with clients in the way they want to be communicated with. Otherwise known as B2C companies (business to consumer), it’s critical that your messages – both written and verbal – are professional and persuasive. Plus, the more information you can give your clients about your services or products, the higher your customer satisfaction scores and sales will be.

Let’s face it; proper communication is the key to successful product and service marketing. Those important moments when your client is on hold, waiting to be connected, is very valuable time. You can use it to advertise whatever you want and it won’t seem like advertising to them. It will be perceived as your “on hold” message, plain and simple.

Another thing to consider is this: perhaps you should create an on hold experience for your incoming callers. Whether or not the person they want to talk to is available or not really isn’t important. What’s a minute or two on hold for them? For you, it’s a rare opportunity to connect with them. Have you ever wondered why so many companies put you on hold even when it seems like they should be able to talk to you quickly? This is what’s happening. Its time to capitalize on it for your business as well.  If you’re suspect of this method, do a little test. For a week, hold your customers for a minute while you use on-hold advertising to present a promotional offer. Analysis has shown that customers are able to better retain information given in this way, probably due to having the opportunity to listen only and concentrate on what is being said, rather than take part in a conversation. Often, the customer will pick up a conversation with the person they have called and immediately talk about the advertised products, proving that customers engage readily with on-hold information.

If you’re a doctor, dentist, CPA, attorney or other service professional, you know how busy your office can be. Most of these companies have a call-intensive environment. When you can’t be there on the third ring, make use of an on-hold program to fill the gap. Don’t make your clients wait on hold without music or your warm and friendly recorded voice! Expert voice talent, together with your messaging makes the on hold experience enjoyable. Don’t leave them in silence! The bottom line? You want to be able to educate and entertain them while they wait. And if you can sell a few things in the process, that’s even better.

Other Benefits to Your Business

  • Fewer hang ups
  • Chance to highlight your community participation
  • Opportunity to introduce your staff
  • Showcase your products and services
  • Give them your company background
  • Calm callers who are anxious
  • Promote your Web site – lead them to an online offer

Companies who do not take advantage of on-hold moments are missing out on the opportunity to give their customers valuable information. And people are accustomed to on-hold advertising in today’s world. The bottom line? Customer engagement in the services industries is improved by on-hold advertising. Start a program today!

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