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On Hold Messaging Planning Process

It all starts with a plan. How you set up your on hold messaging and how your prospects will interact with those phone messages are key considerations. With a well defined plan, you can set up a business that will provide you with a steady stream of income, no matter what the economy is doing. So what are the steps you need to take? How did the most respected businesses out there go about setting up their on hold messaging program? There are really six key steps in planning your system. They are:

  • Defining your target market: Who is calling in to your company? What are their needs? How you communicate with this market is of paramount importance. It will help you determine the rest of your follow up marketing plan. In understanding your target market, you need to study the demographics and psychographics so you can set up your messages for success.

  • Defining the goals for your messages: Will your phone messages be a lead generation tool? Or will they communicate basic company information? Knowing what you want your phone messages to do for you and how they will do it is critically important. You want to be sure your voice talent understands your goals so they can use the correct tone and style in their delivery.

  • What should your messages say? Will you try and upsell callers into a new service? Will you give your company’s “elevator pitch”? What can you communicate to your callers so you save your receptionist’s time? These are all great questions. Knowing what you will say is step three in the On Hold Messaging Planning Process. You want to ensure that your on hold callers are educated, entertained and motivated to do something after hearing your messages.

  • Consider your budget: How much can you spend for the project? At the end of the day, how much you can afford is what it’s all about. Your on hold messaging program will cost some money, but consider it an investment. Your on hold messaging is going to be a cornerstone of your marketing program, something that will serve you for years to come.

So, there you go. A list of key steps as you begin the important journey of a new on hold messaging project. Growing a business through on hold messaging can be a challenging process. Following a set of guidelines can keep you focused and help you achieve your goals.


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