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Dental On Hold Messages

How many calls does your office receive on a daily basis? 50? 100? It’s likely more than you care to count. While putting patients on hold in a dental practice is unavoidable it doesn’t mean that their time waiting has to be wasted. A custom on hold message allows you to provide your current and prospective patients with important information about your practice, and it lets them know you care.

You have worked hard to build and maintain your dental practice. A custom dental on hold message is an important communications tool to assist you in doing just that. Here are just a few of the benefits your practice and your patients can enjoy:

1. Put callers at ease: Many people experience dental phobia and apprehension. Fear of pain is one of the most common reasons for dental anxiety. Let them know what modern methods you use to prevent pain and discomfort, and include details about your staff and their credentials to build confidence. Selecting calming background music and the right voice talent can also alleviate their anxiety.

2. Ask for referrals: Use your on hold message as a platform to ask patients to refer their friends and family.  Word of mouth is a key source of new patients. People are much more likely to choose a dentist based  on the recommendation of a friend or coworker they trust. Many dentists and their staff feel uncomfortable asking patients for referrals. Let the on hold message do the asking for you.

3. Promote Proper oral hygiene: Provide callers with information on how often they should schedule cleanings and offer tips on how to properly brush and floss. Since unchecked dental issues can lead to problems with overall health, you can use this opportunity to educate them about bad breath, gum disease, etc. and highlight the potential dangers of leaving these conditions untreated.

4. Highlight Key Services: Educate patients about the specialty services you provide. Patients may simply be calling to schedule a routine checkup unaware of the additional services you provide: teeth whitening, pediatric dentistry, sedation dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, etc.

5. Address insurance concerns: In this economy, cost is a major concern of patients. If you file insurance claims for your patients, let them know. You may also want to provide a listing of the insurance plans you accept or give them the name of the office personnel they can speak to if they have questions about insurance or billing, so they can ask for that person directly when someone returns to the line.

6. Promote your website: If you have a website, give patients the web address and let them know what information they can find there. If you have new patient forms on your site alert your callers so they can have them filled out prior to their initial visit.

7. Highlight Your Strengths: Does your facility feature state-of-the-art equipment? Does your dental team serve on the board of a notable organization or have prestigious educational experience? Alert callers to the unique details that set your dental practice apart.

8. Don’t let callers hang up:  Since the telephone is the only point of entry for 98% of new patients, keeping them on the line is critical. A lot of money is spent on direct mail postcards and advertising to get patients to call. Don’t let them hang up before you can schedule that first appointment.

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